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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Merry Christmas to all! 2010/12/19

I have a lot to get done this P-day so I probably will spend a little less time writing than usual.  We have 2 birthdays in our District this week, Elders Spjut and Conley, we're going caroling on Thursday, have to prepare an intricate skit about the first Christmas in the Americas for a Branch Activity for Saturday, and I've been hunting all over town for a ham to make for a missionary lunch tomorrow.  I think that my imaginationizing causes me to have more to do...but it's fun.  Also I found some frozen rabbit meat at the store today, so I think I am going to see if I can figure out rabbit stew for Christmas with my companion, only we won't really have time to eat on Christmas since we have so much planned...oh well. 

I love being busy!  I feel like I'm running here and there all the time just trying to keep from getting way over my head.  We've seen some cool things happen lately.  I started teaching a class for Church members a few weeks ago from the manual "Teaching, No Greater Call" to help teachers improve their teaching.  It is sweet, but a lot of extra work to do, and it doesn't help that I don't have a copy of the manual in English, so it's been good language study too...I'm really blessed to be able to study that and have so many opportunities to apply its teachings each day as I teach others the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Friday night we had some extra time before our meeting with the Relief Society President and her daughter at her house, so we decided to go knock a few doors and see if we could find anyone who would be interested in hearing more about the Savior during the Christmas season.  Little did we know that Santa lives on the 5th floor!  Elder Miller knocked the door and the second it opened I felt so much love for the man inside.  He is probably 6'3, big white beard, and a belly that rolls like nobody's business.  His smile just makes me happy.  He said his name is Valerri...but I'm pretty sure it's a cover.  We'll find our more when we stop by him tomorrow.  We both felt a really special spirit in his home and can't wait to teach him about how he can be sealed to his late wife for eternity.  We are planning on viting him on Christmas often do you get to spend Christmas with Santa?  I'll have to write about that to the Ensign sometime or something. 

Things are busy, things are great, I can't wait to talk to my family on the phone this week.  I haven't done that since Mother's Day, so that will be neat. 

Christmas is such a special time to remember the birth of the Savior, His life, mission, example, ressurrection, the restoration of His church, and the love and comfort that He gives us daily.  There is nothing more important than knowing how to recieve the blessings of His eternal sacrifice.  May the spirit of Christmas warm you each this week as you honor and remember Him, each in your own way.  Show others your faith in Him by being a little more cheerful, kind, and courteous to others.  Think of all that you can give, knowing that you will recieve much more than you can imagine for your selflessness.  Say a kind word to those in need, and give freely of your love.  Let the light of Christ shine through your eyes to direct everyone heavenward.  I love you, and I pray for you this Christmas season. 

Elder Sam Fife
С Рождеством мои хорошие!! 

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