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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy New Year! (not much to say) Jan 2, 2011

So it is really hard to find a place to write home during the New Years Holiday...we searched for about 2 hours, and were the only companionship in the city to find anything so far...goodness.  New Years is a crazy holiday.  Basically all offices are closed until the 10th of January, and everyone just keeps partying until then. 

Our New Years celebration wasn't that cool....It consisted of Elder Miller and I tracting all day, with almost no success, but lots of fun moments...there was even a drunk bum looking man dressed as Santa Clause (Actually Dyed Maroz) on the bus smoking and asking for a discount.  I reminded him that HE was the one bringing the presents on New Years.  Russians receive presents from a red-dressed, white-bearded man on New Years, not on Christmas, by the way.  So we went home at about 6 and had weekly planning for 3 hours...then we started cleaning the apartment.  I rearranged the kitchen, only it didn't work too well, but I'm not ambitious enough to put it back.  We cleaned until about 11:15.  Then we made S'mores with some stuff Elder Miller had, roasting our marshmallows over a candle that we found.  Candles aren't great for roasting marshmallows.  Followed it up with reading some depressing poetry that we thought up on the spot, under candlelight of course...and then watched fireworks from our balcony.  There were lots of fireworks, that was cool...went to bed at 12:30 and called it a day.  Cool New Years huh?  Haha. 

 Don't really know what to write about this week.  It feels like I was just writing, and I can't even think of anything that happened this week.  We met some cool people.  A 77 year old former Tankist, we should be meeting with him again tomorrow.  We got some dog fur shoe inserts from a former investigator that we met with.  It was really...interesting.  She makes them huh?  They keep my feet warmer, I guess.  Elder Miller and Elder Hatch don't wear theirs, but I figure "why not?"  So now I walk around on dog's only weird if you think about it. 

Basically no one could meet with us this week, because of the holidays, but we have a ton of people who wanted us to come back "after the holidays" so supposing that this is that time (which is still up for debate I guess) we should have a lot of new investigators this week who really seem like they have great potential.  We were walking on the street in a remote part of our area called "Voskhod" (Sunrise) that no one has heard of, and met a younger man on the street.  When we showed up to our return appointment with him he wasn't there, but when we talked to him on the phone later he said he got stuck at work and really wanted to meet.  His friend has taken interest and wants to meet with us as well.  It could be a really cool find, they seem really sincere and would make great members.  I love finding good people.  The Zone Leaders in Vlad are teaching a guy right now who is some kind of master chef.  He can cook crocodile and stuff...I'm going to have to go back to Vlad and make friends with him or something...that'll be cool. 

Well hopefully you've all made some good goals for the New Year.  It'll be a cool one.  But it'll be over before ya know it, so don't put anything off!! Well that's about all I got for you this week...have a good one! 

Elder Fife

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