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Sunday, February 6, 2011


 I used to make cakes a lot, I also made some super tasty sugar cookies for when we went carolling before Christmas...but our oven doesn't really work where I live it's been a while.  I've been getting better at cool pastas and stuff with rice...I'll make you some tasty Uzbekistanian plov when I come's super good. 

We have a few investigators now.  A 10 year old girl (the one who's dog is named after me)  They moved into my area and then her mom gave missionaries to teach her daughter...funny how she wouldn't let the Sisters meet with her, huh?  Kinda a weird situation...but if things get too weird I can get an emergency transfer or huh? 

We also have Kostya.  He has cerebral palsy, but is great.  It's tough for him to learn and understand new things, but he likes us and enjoyes Sacrament meeting.  His mom has been reading the Book of Mormon and always has questions because something or other didn't make sense.  We're working with her too. 

We have another family that we've been working with off and on.  We haven't been able to teach the sons much, but there is one who is 16 and Pasha who is 12.  They're a great family that needs the Gospel so badly.  Their mom, Olga, really wants to see the blessings for her family that the Gospel brings, but needs to know that the Gospel will really bring them to her family.  She's cool when she's not drunk. 

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