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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jan 31, 2011

Well I went to send the email that I wrote...and I realized that the
internet had died and it didn't even get saved.  It's always exciting
using post office computers.

I got my new phone this is great to be able to see who is
calling me and even use numbers saved in a phone again.  There are
always a lot of blessings to count, no matter what.

I don't have much to say about this week, but I have had this thing
called freedom of choice on my mind a lot the last few days.  In the
Church we often call it agency.

The Lord has given us all the ability to choose for ourselves the
things that we do and the directions we'll go, but our decisions
affect a lot more than just us.  An investigator that I worked with a
while back has been using his agency in a not great way lately, and it
has really got me down and been difficult to see happen.  I won't go
into details.

If I can be that affected by the poor choices of someone that I met
less than six months ago, just think of how great an interest the Lord
has in the choices of His children.  He knew us before the world was,
and he loved us.  He is our Father.  He rejoices when we do that which
is right, and mourns with those who mourn.

I had everything written a lot better before, but I've again run out
of time to write, and the other Elders that I'm with are really tired
of waiting for me.  President Packer said it really well in General
Conference this Fall.

The Lord's voting for me, the devil's voting against me.  It's my vote
that counts.

Gotta run now, have a great week!

Elder Fife

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