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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Agent Fife -- Stressed Jan 23, 2011

No, not Secret Agent...Real Estate Agent.  I've also been a doctor, electrician, and plumber this week...everything went good except for the plumbing...the neighbors downstairs ended up calling professionals.  If I had had tools I'm sure I could have figured it out.  Weird that there wasn't a 10m snake in my apartment...Everything is basically fine now...except for the water damage downstairs and the inspectors that told me that I have a messy apartment.  She wasn't very nice to me.  Oh well.  Yep, things have been not-boring in the just trying to keep living side of things.

I was a doctor because Elder Miller got sick, and we had to get him better in time for Zone Conference...everything worked out OK.  I got to play electrician at the Sisters' apartment when they blew out a few outlets.  Pavel, a recent convert, helped me out with some tools.  It isnt' exactly the same as in the States, but not too far off.  It was weird to see aluminum wires in the wall'd have thought that copper would have caught on sooner, but that still needs some time I guess.  One of the outlets was actually melted in the wall, and so was the wire for a couple of centimeters.  That could have turned into an apartment fire way easy...good thing the wall is full of cement.  :)  Still no luck on the apartment front...hopefully the Rahis will move here soon, I want to enjoy her cooking as long as I can. 

Running here and there trying to work out all the problems that have happened has been fun, especially in light of my broken phone.  I'll try to send a picture of what I've been working with a little later.  Sometimes I can bend my phone in weird ways and get the screen to work just enough to make sure that I know who I'm calling.  I only have miss-called once, and I will never know who it was that I called, but it was NOT Elder Bodell like I thought it was going to be...that was a surprise.  Everything will work out...I might even get a new phone by the end of this week. 

The phone broke when I fell on the ice waiting to cross the street for a truck to drive past.  Don't really know how it happened...but I almost fell underneath a truck, but just a pick-up.  My companion was helpful and tried to drag me out of the road by my backpack...might have helped a little.  When we got home I couldn't find my phone.  We prayed and went back to the street to see if it had fallen out when I slipped.  Sure enough, there it was right in the middle of the road.  Still works fine (more or less) but the screen got a little bit rocked.  Probably just froze.  Good times.  I want a new phone.

After we are done writing home today we are going to go to the Church and make cookies for our neighbors.  (The oven at our apartment doesn't work.  Learned that when I tried to make biscuits last night)  I feel so bad that we flooded their newly remodeled kitchen!  Hopefully they'll be nicer to us this time...every time we've talked to them so far has been a not-super-great experience.  We're trying to be good neighbors. 

Well aside from all the things that keep me stressed and worn out, missionary work goes on.  There are always cool miracles to see when you put forth any real effort.  We had another cool fasting experience with our Branch this week.  We had a special fast, asking the Lord to bless us and help our little Branch in Ussurisk grow.  We had 39 people at Sacrament Meeting this week, one less than last week, but we were all still really happy with the results that we saw.  During companion study my phone rang, and since my screen doesn't work I couldn't check to see who was calling me, so I had to answer.  It was an old English clubber.  He asked when Church was because he wanted to come with his wife.  More than one in four of the people at Sacrament was an investigator, and that includes 6 missionaries in the count.  That's basically unheard of.  Ten investigators in a Branch our size is absolutely a miracle.  5 of those 10 were at Church for the first time.  You'd think there might be some kind of power in fasting huh?  Of course there is! 

The Lord has so many blessings in store for us.  Let's work to be a little better at being prepared to receive them. 

Oh, Zone Conference was also cool...we learned a lot about finding and watched a video with a moon walking bear...random huh?  I love President Pratt! 

Elder Fife

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