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Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Transfer?

Transfer calls came again last night.  It was a little bit of a surprise.  I'll miss Artyom.  I'll be moving this week to Nakhodka, where I'll serve with Elder Lisevich, who is from Western Russia.  He has a reputation of being kind of a difficult companion, so it will be interesting.  It will also be interesting that there are currently two companionships there, but now there will only be the two of us.  There are some good things going for Nakhodka though, and there are actually members there, which will be a fun change from where I've been the last three months.  We'll also be moving into a new building this month.  Lots of good exciting things going on there, but it'll be an interesting new challenge.  I think that I will probably be there until the end of my mission, because after this transfer I'll most likely be training one of the new missionaries who are coming.  Weird that so much time has passed already. 
 We had some cool successes in Artyom as well.  We think we've found a place where we'll be able to hold Church and things here in town, so that people don't have to drive an hour each way to Vlad.  That is a huge success.  The Church Facilities Manager in Novosibirsk is taking care of contract things right now, so hopefully this week or next we'll have church meetings in Artyom. 
So I'm really having a hard time thinking of what to write this week.  Summer is finally here.  Sudden rain storms still happen every couple of days, but it's been much warmer and sunnier.  I like it when the weather is nice. 
I made tons of cookies this week.  My companion got sick for a few days, and even though he wanted to, I wouldn't let him go out and work.  So we had planned to make cookies for members this week, to tell them we love them and that we don't always just pester them and try to get them to meet with us.  So as my companion rested to try to get better, I made chocolate chip cookies.  People here don't know what those are, so it's like an exotic magical cookie of wonder.  I made about 10 dozen.  too bad that we can't even get a hold of our members to give them cookies.  We have only been able to give out three plates, and we've been trying since Friday.  Oh well.  I have tons of cookies in my freezer. 
Funny story of the moment.  So the girl who works here left, and I guess she locks the door when she leaves, so she locked us in, and there's some other random woman sitting in the corner of the room.  So this older lady, wearing a leopard print shirt (leopard print is really popular right now over here) comes up and wants to come in, but the door's locked!  She is so confused!  She kind of banged on the window, since the whole wall is glass and she can see that we're in she's wandering around in the office across the hall just confused.  The girl is unlocking the door now so I guess that funny moment has come to an end.  The older woman in the leopard print shirt made it into the room.  Hurray!  :D  Funny things like that happen all the time.  I love people.  And Russia.  And Russian people.
Well I don't really have too much more exciting to write about this week.  Hope all of you are having a great time and enjoying the summer time. 
Elder Fife

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  1. I have missed reading these letters! I have appreciated the information I have gathered about the mission. In fact in preparation for my son's arrival there (Vladivostok) your letters helped us get excited and gave us some information that was very helpful.
    From my family to yours - Keep up the good work and continue to enjoy the blessings (whether they be ups or downs) that are rolling in. May the Lord continue to assist you in your work.
    Karen Shannon [Mother of Elder Shannon, currently in Ussuriysk]