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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanksgiving is such a great time, especially for me as a missionary. Holidays in the MTC are so great. (That's the rumor at least.) There are a few special meetings that are on the schedule that are stirring a lot of speculation and rumors, its pretty exiting. Its a good thing I know how to get through the rumors and make friends with the people who really know what's going on. Its supposed to be a secret, but it only matters in the MTC I'll let it out. The questions we submitted a few weeks ago that we would "ask an Apostle" are going to be answered this Thursday by Elder Holland. He is one of the most loved Apostles by Missionaries everywhere. It is going to be one of the coolest experiences ever. I'm so excited.

As I begin the countdown to when I'll be no longer in Provo, but flying to Russia it is neat for me to look back on the great amount of growth we've all experienced while we've been here, in only month and a half. Its incredible to me to see the hand of the Lord so clearly in so many ways. The days that we only speak Russian are still a little rough, because there are so many things we wish we could say...but we just can't. But we are having more and more of those. After today we will only be speaking English 3 more days before we leave to Russia. How insane is that? I love it though. Good times.

Its really great to have the new districts of Russian speaking missionaries here. I feel like an older brother, its pretty sweet. When I find a free minute Elder Kildew and I will often go to one of their rooms and just kind of coach them through whatever it is that they're learning. Its great.

There are a lot of missionaries in the MTC now that I knew before my missionary-life. Its neat to see them in this different capacity. I had the priveledge of helping Elder Kirk this week as he came in to find his rooms and get his books and things. Elder Milne lives on the same floor as me and has class just down the hall. Elder Petersen is going to Brazil, he was the Section Chief after me in the Order of the Arrow. He was supposed to go straight to the MTC in Sau Paulo, but because of their visa situations he's here too. I love seeing friends!

So a really neat part in the Book of Mormon that I would recommend to anyone to study would be Alma chapters 4 and 5. I don't really know why I put that in here, but check them out...they'll change your life. Its true. I know that as we study and pray about the Book of Mormon the Lord will bless us with more joy and success in life according to His will.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and has a great time for me. And don't forget to thank the Pilgrims for giving us a reason to have a sweet holiday in November. I think I have an ancestor who was on the you can thank them for that too. You'll have to check with my Grandma to figure out which one though...good luck with that.

Best of Holiday wishes and all my love,
Elder Fife

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