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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Holidays

The winner of my quiz was Sister Kildew (who didn't want me to know that she had guessed) and Abby was a close second...but it was her second guess.

The correct answer was C. Say "Be healthy as a greeting"

Dear world,

Last week's devotional was incredible. Elder Oaks from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and his wife came to speak to us. It was so great to sit again at the feet of an Apostle of the Lord and learn the things that the Lord would have us know at this time, in the calling which we've been issued. They taught that it is important for us always to remember that we are children of a King, the Heavenly King. Elder Oaks taught a lot of other things, but I really don't have time to share them now.

What a cool time. Thanksgiving was...nifty. Yep, nifty. I got up and spent 2 hours in line for the devotional that Elder and Sister Holland spoke at and then had my "thanksgiving feast." It was a little rushed...but that was the best 15 minute feast I think I've ever been a part of. Dinner that night consisted of a sandwhich...a little bag of chips...and a hostess apple pie. (Gotta have my pie)

From Elder Holland's talk I'll share one quote which has really been on my mind the entire time since. He made this powerful statement:

"I am not devoting my life to a fairytale!"

Think of that. This man, and many others, have given everything. Every day, from sun-up to sun-down, to a something that some would think to call a fairytale. Do we really believe that Joseph Smith talked with God the Father and Jesus Christ? YES! Do I really, honestly believe that I am going to make the lives of those who listen to my message in Russia better? That because of my work some few of God's children will be able to live with him again, when otherwise they might be lost? Absolutely! I am NOT dedicating my life to a fairytale! The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is more true than anything you will ever read in any other book. It is more real than anything you've ever done, more important than anything you could ever need, and God's love is more powerful than the love of anyone else on this Earth for anyone else on this Earth. There is absolutely no way that I am giving my life, not just these two years in Russia, but my life, to a fairytale!

This week while working on the chats I met a woman named Crystal from Oregon. She has had such a difficult life and really just needed someone to care about her. Both her brother and her sister have passed away this year. She is african-american and has faced discrimination and racism her whole life. She trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ, but doesn't feel like much of anyone on this earth cares about her. ...Now she has me. I love being able to show my love, and the love of Christ to those in need. Crystal occupies my thoughts more than most anyone else now. Please pray for her, that she might realize the blessings available to her through the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and that I might be able to show her my love for her and help to comfort her troubled heart.

Well I should get my flight plans sometime this week, telling me when exactly I'll be leaving the United States and moving to Russia. That will be exciting. Yesterday we got our nametags that are fully in Russian. It is making me all too excited to leave the MTC and go to Russia to begin teaching...and trying to actually speak and understand Russian. What an exciting time.

I hope that all the Lord's choicest blessings are upon each of you during this Holiday season. My prayers are with you, and I hope that you are each able to feel the love of God and remember our Savior this Christmas time. Best wishes and my love to you all,

-Elder Fife

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