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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Это Я!

Hi all,
Another week has come and gone. Time is really flying now. Its so odd to me that the older group of Russian speaking missionaries are all gone now. (The last group flies out tomorrow morning at 4 so guess they're not ALL gone yet.) Tomorrow marks my half-way point at the MTC, it is going by so fast.

The group of missionaries I guess I have to feel a little sorry for is those going to Brazil. They are supposed to go to the MTC in Sao Paulo, but none of them are getting visas for a very long time (I've heard both February and April as the next time any of them will be able to leave) So until then they are learning Portugese here and then serving here in the United States until they are able to get a visa to go to Brazil. That would be SO frustrating. I'm really glad that isn't me.

There's a lot of hype today about the possibility of an Apostle coming and doing a Q/A of some kind tonight. All of the missionaries in the MTC were asked to "submit a question they would ask an Apostle" to their Branch Presidency by this afternoon. It could be really neat. I'm excited to learn from whoever it is that give the devotional tonight.

This week I unlocked one of the best kept secrets at the Provo MTC. I guess its ok to spread...but make sure that it doesn't get too out of hand. The secret is this: Senior Couple Missionaries. They are so great! Elder Kildew and I have started making sure to be where the senior couples go so that we can meet them. We usually share a spiritual message with them in Russian and they teach us a lot of neat things that we wouldn't be able to get anything else. So there it is...the secret of secrets. I think it even tops the secret things hidden in the walls or ceilings (yes I've found many of those...may have left a few too) or the matrix or lightsaber pictures, even though they are pretty epic.

Tomorrow we are having our first english fast. That is where we go an entire day without speaking any English. Its amazing to me that in only 5 weeks we know enough Russian to be able to spend the day without speaking english. We haven't spoken english during lunch for a week now. Tomorrow night we will also be teaching a 30 minute lesson on the restoration of the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth (in Russian of course.) Hopefully we won't make too big of fools out of ourselves.

I'm so thankful for the letters I've gotten and all the great things that you're doing in your lives. Sorry I haven't been able to send any pictures yet. I'll see if I can figure out how to do that during the next week. Its amazing to me how fast time goes and how much I am learning every day. Please continue to pray for me and help me to make something of myself. I know through me the Lord will bless many lives in Russia, and hopefully I'm helping some of you who read my letters with something or another every now and again. I'd hate to be a useless friend.
I love you all and wish you the best,
До свидания!
Старейшина Файф

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