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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

July 31, 2011

Well transfer calls came.  This is going to be a really weird and complicated transfer.  Ha ha.  So I'm supposed to be training a new Elder, but is stuck at the MTC for another three weeks waiting for his passport which had some complications.  Until then I am supposed to be working in a tripanionship (3 instead of 2) with Elders McAllen and Conley, which will be sweet.  But now I just got on and checked my email and President Pratt says there is a chance I'll be able to serve with a mini-missionary, so basically I am not really sure who my companion is this transfer, but it sounds like I'll have about 4 of them.  Should be exciting. 

We had a wonderful baptism this Saturday.  After all week of repairing the portable font that they sent us.  We found a hole when we went to get ready for the baptism which was supposed to be last week, so we started by patching that up.  We cut a part of the fabric where there was some extra, and glued it with some Korean superglue that we found on the bazaar.  The glue said "50% stronger" and even though the Chinese version which was sitting right next to it said "100% stronger" the Chinese girl selling it said the Korean is better.  Ha ha.  I love goofy marketing techniques.  I also love that that was the only thing written in English on the bottle, and that nowhere does it say what it is stronger than.  I love the bazaar. 
So each day we went to check and see how well our patch job had done, and each day a new hole or leak showed up.  Everything seems more or less OK now.  We left a mop next to the most recent leak the night before, deciding that if it didn't hold we would mop things up and refill the font in the was a funny process. 

The building is finally getting close to getting done.  They're supposed to put iron grates on the windows this week, and install our hot water heater.  President Zubkovskii and his wife have almost finished the paint job on the outside, and then there a just a few more things left to do, like install toilette paper and paper towels in the bathroom.  The Relief Society sisters have been up in arms about that one ever since we moved in.  :D  Everything will be grand.  It's a fun process. 

We finally found a new apartment this week as well.  It feels great to be done with that.  Now we just need to clean and take care of it all, and decide who will end up living there.  I guess I'll have to make that decision at some point.  Our new landlady is so great!  When we went to move a few things into the apartment the other day our key didn't work.  We tried several times and thought that that was kind of weird.  Then the door opened from the inside, and there was our landlady, trying to get everything clean and good before we got there.  She's a really sweet lady.  I'm excited that we found a good landlady. 

I've learned a whole lot lately, and feel like I've grown a lot as a person, especially over the last several weeks.  I've thought a lot about the things that I'm grateful for, and especially for the ways that the Lord has prepared me for all the things that He asks me to do.  I'm glad that I didn't pass up the opportunities that came my way before my mission, that I never knew would turn out to be so helpful.  So don't pass up opportunities when they come your way.  All of the experiences that you have will work together for your good to prepare you for the things that lie ahead. 

Today I was reading the story of the Jaredites in the Book of Mormon.  They were instructed to build barges in preparation to cross the ocean to inherit the promised land, shortly after the Tower of Babel.  As they got into the barges the wind began to blow, and the storms picked up.  For 344 days they sat in these barges crossing the ocean, with the wind ever blowing them towards the promised land.  I think that lots of times in our lives we notice the wind and the stormy weather, but do we stop to think where the wind is blowing?  It takes a lot of wind to blow a barge to the promised land, and it takes a lot of rough times to direct us to the promised blessings that Father wants to give us.  Don't stress about the storm, keep your eye on the horizon and realize that the Lord is directing you to the places and experiences where He needs you to be.  We just need to figure out how to have enough faith in Him to get into the barge, and not give up, even if we sit in a little boat for almost a year.  That's a long time to sit in an airtight boat!  Trust Heavenly Father, and remember that He loves you!

Well that's my little message this week.  I wish you all the best, especially those at Cedar Badge and Family Camp this week.  Have the time of your life! 

Elder Sam Fife

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