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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Almost Baptism

I don't even know where to start in writing about this week.  We almost had a baptism...but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  After spending lots of time Saturday cleaning out the flower beds in front of the church building, (we had weeded them Friday) we went to Dome Technika and bought a pump and hose for emptying the font when we were done, and finally got back to the Church to begin filling the font at probably 6:00.  Lots later than we should have.  So there is no spicket to hook a hose to, to fill the font that way, because they haven't got it installed in the new building yet, along with the water heater...but that is ok because the hose didn't come with fittings on it anyway.  So we decided to that I would try holding the hose to the faucet in the bathroom, and try to fill the font that way.  Obviously it was a terrible idea, but the only alternative we had was buckets.  After about 20 minutes of that we started running water into a bucket, and then pumping it from the bucket into the font.  After a few minutes of that we noticed that there were a lot of things floating in the font, probably came from the inside of the new  hose or something, so we emptied what was there onto the street.  As we were doing that the hose decided to shoot off the pump, shooting water all the way up to the ceiling, drenching me, the wall, ceiling, light, floor, and anything else that was there.  It first time.  If the Branch President had come he would have killed me for sure. 

Well I'll spare all the details, and just share a few highlights from the rest of the night. 
The hose shot off the pump 2 more times, each of them while I was standing above it...I was totally drenched and went into a mild state of hypothermia.  The font sprung a leak and we had to empty it after an hour of filling it, water pressure wasn't too great.  We flooded the building like three times, from the hole, and each shooting of the pump.  My companion and I had a fight, and a good long talk a little later.  We got home more than an hour after we were supposed to, after having given up on the baptism and moving it to this Saturday.  We'll be fixing the hole sometime between now and then, and they might even have a water heater and spicket installed.  That would be really nice.  Yeah, Saturday was really stressful, but things like that happen, and they usually work out for the best.  We had invited Elder Hatch to come back to town for the baptism, because he found the lady being baptized and she wanted him to baptize her, but he had the feeling that he shouldn't come down.  Guess we understand now why he had that one. 

I really am thankful for the Spirit and the ways that the Lord blesses and inspires us.  We are currently looking for a new apartment in Nakhodka.  Sister Pratt says I'm her go to guy for finding new places.  We found an option, that was not a bad option, if we changed some of the furniture, and set an appointment to sign contracts  By the time Sunday rolled around though both Elder Lisevich and I were having a bad feeling about it, and weren't sure why.  Sister Pratt called and had some concerns as well.  I just never felt settled about it, so we called and canceled our appointment and are now looking for more options.  I'm still not totally sure why it wasn't right to move to that apartment, but I know that the warning we received was real.  I'm glad that the Spirit can warn and guide us when we are receptive to his promptings. 

This week will be interesting since the Alicos will be gone in Korea Tuesday-Friday, and we usually use them to help us on most every lesson that we teach.  Between that and apartment hunting we're in for a super interesting time.  Hopefully we'll be able to make it productive. 

Oh yeah, my talk.  I'm pretty sure it turned out to be like a stereotypical high councilman's talk; long and boring.  I thought it was interesting, but it didn't seem like many other people did.  Our investigator who was at Church told me that I basically put him to sleep.  Oh well.  I guess rescuing fellow pioneers from 300 screaming Indian warriors just isn't the kind of thing that Russians are excited to hear about.  I didn't even really get pity compliments, which you get even if your talk was pretty bad.  Yeah, so that was a funny experience.  I learned a lot about some of my pioneer ancestors that I didn't know before though.  I'm really grateful for the ancestors who forged traditions of faith and set examples for me to follow to be more happy, successful, and faithful as a Latter-Day Saint.  They were faithful to the Prophets, obedient in spite of difficulties, maintained good names and standing before men and God, and showed their love for the Restored Gospel in all that they did.  I hope that someday I can be a little more like them. 

Well have a great week.  Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.  Hope you all had a great Pioneer Day and remembered a little bit about the heritage of our Church, and the ancestors of many of us.  We have a rich heritage, both physically, and spiritually. 

Elder Fife

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