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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aug 7, 2011

Another totally crazy week!  We spent a few days in Artyom, while transfers were happening, and everything just went totally crazy.  Everything happened from members telling us that they're prophets to drunk women having a slap fight next to us at a bus stop, one of which was pregnant, to almost getting hit by a car and crazy flooding and power outages.   It was super exciting.  Everyone was ok in the end, so it all ended well I guess.  Just a crazy time.  I was there with Elders McCallon, and Shannon, neither of which served in Artyom ever, so it was just a good time for all of us for a few days while transfers were working themselves out. 

Now I'm in Nakhodka with Elder McCallon.  Tonight Elders Conley and Kim come to join us, but then Wednesday the two of us leave to Korea for another visa renewal trip.  I totally love serving with Elder McCallon.  It's just a really good time being around him.  We've had some way funny experiences together.  Like when we moved down to the new apartment.  Everything there seemed like it would be fine, but I guess there were some small things that just didn't work quite right. 

The first thing we noticed was that there was a box in the entry way with a new toilet in it.  They were supposed to hook it up while we were in Artyom, but the landlady says that they were missing a piece or something, so it was in a box by our front door.  The reason they have to replace the toilet is because the current one doesn't actually have a tank, so to flush you just turn the water on and a little bit of water squirts out of a hose, not super effective, so we have been having to use a bucket.  That was funny.  Then we realized that the feed to the washer runs from the same pipe as the toilet, which means that since we have the water to the toilet turned off, we also don't have water running into the washing machine.  When we turn the water on, it just all goes to the toilet, so for now we have to fill the washer up with a bucket from the bathtub every time we do laundry, like 4 times a load.  It's funny, but it will be good to have things working right. 

Then we went to hook up our filter to the sink. We got it all working with an adapter that we got from Elder Alico, but when we turned the water on to check, the pressure in the faucet blew a hole about the size of a quarter in the top of the that didn't work too well.  We decided to hook up the filter in the bathroom sink for now.  I think this is the first apartment that I've lived in on my mission with a sink in the bathroom, and not just the tub.  Nice huh? 

Well there's a little bit about what we've been up to.  Lots of funny adventures this week.  Last night we even met a guy who told us he's from some kind of Monk's Party in favor of the Tsar.  Something weird like that.  We started talking a little bit, but I think he didn't really know what he was talking about, so he called his buddy who had him put his phone on speakerphone, and the he yelled at me for a few minutes and then told me to go back to my America...weird kind of radical group, never ran into any of those before, but it was funny.  Just random. 

Well have a great week!  Love,

Elder Sam Fife

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