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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There is a light....

So Friday night I saw a little bit of a light at the end of my MTC tunnel. We got our travel itinerary and it is pretty exciting. I'll be leaving Salt Lake City at about 9:30 on the night of Thursday the 17th, and landing in Vladivostok, Russia at about 1:30 in the afternoon on Saturday the 19th (local time) after a little bit of a layover in Seoul, Korea. I'm way excited. We'll be the first group of our generation of Russian to leave the MTC and get to work. I'm stoked.

I really don't have a lot to write about this week. It's just turning into wrap-up time for me here in Provo. We are speaking Russian each and every day, and working to learn and be able to communicate better everyday. There's now only 2 or 3 major grammar principles in the entire Russian language that we haven't been over now, that's weird to think of. Remember all those years of english classes? Yeah...I packed those into 9 weeks...only Russian is a lot more complicated than English is. There's about 23 different ways to say any given word, depending on how you're trying to use it...its way exciting.

This week everyone got all kinds of cool sick. Our teacher might have mono (his girlfriend doesn't though...we're not sure what to think)...and swine flu broke into a fun epidemic here again about a week ago. We have had about 3 of our Branch in and out of quarentine again... They gave me a vaccine though, so no worries.

Really I can't think of much to say this week. I feel bad about that. If you want to though...this might be a good time to shoot me a little note on dearelder or something, since I'll be in Russia for the next 22 months and will be a little bit harder to get a hold of....Just a thought.

This week's quiz!

What do the numbers 1185, 7860, and 981 have in common. Its a tricky one...good luck.

I hope everything is going well in the outside world...I really don't know what's been going on...but I hope its good.
Love you all,

Elder Fife

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  1. Gosh I miss you Elder Fife! Things just aren't the same around here anymore! I'm so grateful for this blog--so uplifting, I feel so happy and motivated, thank you for inspiring me to be better even when you're miles and miles away! Hey guess what? I'm an IRep! Are you proud? The Spirit Conference was last week and was a blast, I can see why you loved it so much! God bless you Elder Fife, and Merry Christmas!