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Sunday, November 28, 2010

some changes

Well our day of Thanks was great.  We had a good trip to Vlad and it was so good to see all the missionaries who are serving there.  I think that the thing I was probably thankful for most of all was to hear some news from my old area that I served in for 6 months.  One of the men who I just came to love there so much always struggled to find time to meet, but would be such a great member of the Church.  He needs the Gospel in his life so much to overcome problems and to improve his marriage.  The Churkin Elders told me that him and his wife have both started seriously investigating and are progressing.  That makes me so happy.  His daughter is one of the cutest things ever too, and she will have a blast in Primary.  I think she is about 3 years old.  She's really afraid of was way fun to watch.  I'm so thankful that the work continues, and that it doesn't really matter where I serve or for how long, or who takes my place when I move, the work continues and the Spirit is the guide.  That's really comforting.
I moved areas again this week, out to the east side of Ussurisk in a place called Slaboda.  My new companion is Elder Miller, he's from Boise.  I am so excited to serve with him!  He's probably the most humble person I've ever met...maybe I'll be able to work on that a little bit even.  :D  Two Russian Sisters are taking my area.  Ones from Moscow and the other from Rostov.  I guess I'm ok with will be a fun transfer in our District.  I am really missing my investigators and members in Center already though, but I know this is for the best. 
We decided to start right away with finding in our new area, and did some tracting last night.  We met 3 families in an hour and got return appointments with each of them today.  That was awesome!  Hopefully things work out really well.  We have a lot of faith that our area is really ready to start doing some work.  We got 7 contacts yesterday that we met as we worked for only a few hours.  It's cool to see how many great things can happen in such a short amount of time sometimes.  Faith builders. 
We got some snow recently and I decided to start rocking my winter style.  I pulled out the fur for my collar and my big shopka.  I love it so much.  Way epic.  I'll send pictures sometime. 
 So here we go again, turning the page for the Ussurisk Tigers, haha.  Have a great week, and listen to some Chipmonks' Christmas music for me...I just want a hula hoop.
Elder Fife

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