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Sunday, August 1, 2010

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It's a little rough trying to pretend like you know all the answers about missionary work for a new Elder fresh from the MTC, I'm not gunna lie.  It's a good thing that the Lord teaches us in lots more ways than through senior companions or trainers.  The most important element of this work is the Holy Ghost.  That is one of the things that separates me and other missionaries from the thousands of other people who walk down the street every day, the Holy Ghost will bare testimony of me, my calling from a prophet, and my message to the hearts of those who will hear His voice.  I also am really grateful for the way that the Lord directs us to where He wants us to be. 
Last night, for example, we determined to go tracting (knocking on doors inviting people to hear our message and strengthen their faith in the Lord) during the day, in hopes that families might be home and together on a Sunday afternoon.  First we determined the area to start looking in, using counsel Elder Conley received while he was in the MTC.  There's so much that I've already forgotten that I learned in the MTC, I'll need to start rereading the book of MTC wisdom that I kept while I was there.  I have promptings and teachings and counsel from almost every day while I was in that great place.  So we determined an area, made sure to say a good prayer before we left, and we got on our way.  Now we didn't have any miraculous manifestations or work any mighty miracles, but the Lord showed me who leads this work in His own way.  We finally got to the place where we felt like we wanted to go, and found an open door, instead of trying others with intercoms that never seem to work too great.  In the one stairwell that we knocked on 5 doors opened.  To people in 3 of those homes we gave material that they asked for in order to learn more about the Plan of Salvation or the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and 2 of those 3 gave us their phone number so that we can make later contact.  Now this doesn't sound huge to a lot of you probably, but for those who have knocked hundreds of doors, only to have them slammed on your face, or people sneak away quietly pretending that they aren't home (yes, it happens) this was a cool experience.  Maybe nothing will come of it, but we planted a few seeds of truth in the hearts of those who we met, and now they have the option to accept more truth and light in their life, or to reject it and keep living the exact same way as they did a week ago.  You have that option too.  You have the scriptures before you, therefore search them.  That's the counsel the Savior gave in both the Eastern and the Western hemisphere as he taught his gospel.  in 3rd Nephi 23:1 he calls it a commandment.  You can always search for greater light and knowledge, or you can reject the possibilities and keep living like you do right now...Kind of a scary thought, right?  I wonder what opportunities the Lord gives us that we reject or ignore every day.  I'll probably have to start looking a little harder for those. 
Oh, I remembered this week another way that I didn't know that scouting, particularly Cedar Badge, prepared me to serve where I am today: cold showers.  Our hot water was finally turned off this week.  When we told our Landlord he just smiled and said  "congratulations" and "probably for a long time too."  Thank you CB for the early morning showers using a hose out of a sink in the middle of the woods...because I never could find time to walk to the real shower house.  Finally paid off.  It wakes me up in the morning too. 
Another Vlad tragedy.  Everyone is leaving!  Nastya, our Relief Society President, who has now been a member of the Church for 2 years (today) is moving this week to Utah to go to UVU.  We're really sad to lose her, but I guess it's good that she'll get a good look at how strong a ward can be, and be surrounded by the Saints and by Temples of the Lord.  It will be a great blessing for her...but now there are basically no youth in our Branch.  That's a fun paradox that we seem to always have, oh well.  So if you are in Orem and happen to meet a girl with a funny Russian accent...tell her that Elder Fife says hi and to come back to Vlad.  :)
Have a great week.  Do something special or cool for someone around you.  Hey and you could write me a letter and update me on your life too!  That's a neat idea, huh?  Especially if the only address that I have for you (if I have one at all) is for where you were at school last year and I just haven't written you lately because I don't know where to send it.  Just a thought. 
Elder Fife

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