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Monday, August 9, 2010

Pushing against the rock

If my letter ends up a little harsh, or lame, or short this week, its because the room where I'm sitting is filled with 11 and 12 year old boys who are playing computer games and screaming at each's really stressing me out.  Still working on that patience's a toughie.

Well the weeks keep rolling on, time seems to be just flying by, and my companion keeps the "old man" jokes coming as he reminds me that before too much more time has gone I'll be over the hill in mission standards.  That's a scary thought.  I am still a long way from the person that I want to become while a missionary.  There are so many things where I find myself lacking.  The time that you have on a mission is far too short, but at the same time the life you lived before you started wearing white shirts and name tags seems like a distant dream.  There's a great talk that President Monson gave, that a lady speaking in our Sacrament Meeting yesterday talked a little bit about, which helps me to keep my perspective.  President Monson taught that we should remember the past, look to the future, but live in the present.  Looking on the lessons I've learned throughout my life, which were all preparing me for this one moment, I am better able to realize the things that I need to keep doing here in the present.  I really am grateful for the counsel and guidance of a living Prophet of God, to help me keep my head on straight and my priorities in cheque.  I don't think that many people realize just how valuable a living Prophet is for the lives that we continue to live every day.  In just a few short months we'll hear from him again in General Conference, and I don't even feel like I've grasped the things he taught us last Conference, when he gave the Priesthood great counsel about honesty and righteous living, and gave the world comfort in our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and the resurrection. 

I really don't know what to tell from this week, I am really sitting at a difficult part of my mission.  Sometimes I really feel like I've been called to push against a rock, growing stronger little by little, but aching each night because the rock refuses to move.  I'm still happy, depression has never really played a role in my mission, but I often reflect on the phrase I heard once in the MTC.  "Teaching missionaries are happy missionaries."  If we had more people to teach, I know my happiness would fill the world.  We have so many great prospects, even for this week, and we should really start working with great new investigators and helping them to make and keep commitments, leading to covenants with the Lord.  The Lord will bless us, and he will give us success.  In John chapter 4 the Savior said to his disciples "I sent you to reap" and those words apply in my mission too.  Success on my mission has been a little slow, but I know that the Lord will give me the opportunity to help others come unto Christ. 

I'll have more good stories to tell next week, sorry I didn't really tell much about what I've been doing in this letter, I feel like I didn't really share much.  If there is anything that I would really say this week it's this.  Take advantage of the things you're given.  Use the resources the Lord's prepared.  Listen to, and follow His prophet.  The Spirit speaks to us much more than we listen, learn to listen better.  Well my time to write is up so I'll leave with that thought I guess.  Thanks for your prayers and for support.  The work rolls on. 

Elder Sam Fife

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