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Monday, July 26, 2010

Turn, Turn, Turn

Peter, Paul, and Mary did a pretty good job at quoting Ecclesiastes, and it explains what has happened a little bit to me in the last week.  Here's a few of my "turn" moments:
Well I think President Pratt beat me this week, and he got me sick too.  What kind of a Mission President is that?  When he called me and told me that I'd be training the new Elder this transfer I woke up the morning sick...and still haven't fully recovered.  I hate being sick.  I really felt so useless all last week, and went for a period of about two days where I didn't even leave the apartment.  It wasn't even my apartment...I was with my District Leader at his apartment, the place where I lived my first two transfers in the country actually.  Writing about it is actually making me feel a little more sick I'm done with that.  I got sick. I'm basically over it.  The end.  Also I brought my junior companion into it and he got sick too.  That President Pratt really needs to calm down or something. 
 I guess I'll tell a little bit about my new companion.  He's from Sweden, the 6th largest city...with a name I couldn't remember, pronounce, or spell if my life depended on it.  In the picture that we had of him, that he sent in to the First Presidency, he looked like he was about 12 years old.  It was really funny, but looks absolutely nothing like he does now.  He isn't scrawny and doesn't even have a baby-face.  Oh well.  I told him that that was what we were expecting when he got here and we had a good laugh over it.  Elder Conely really is great, I am so excited to be able to serve with him, and overwhelmed more than a little bit to be training him when I still feel so young on the mission myself.  My grandpa's family is from Sweden maybe Elder Conely and I will have to go on a family history hunt sometime to reunite after the mission.  That will be cool. 
I'm still serving in Vladivostok, still on Churkin actually.  There's only one other elder in the mission right now who has served 5 transfers in one area, and he goes home in 3 months, so I'm already tied in the length record.  Actually he might have been in Nakhodka for 6...I'm not sure anymore.  It's ok though because I really do love my area and there are a lot of things that I plan on doing with it that would without a doubt be lost between the cracks if someone other than me served here.  The Lord runs his work and He knows what He is doing. 
This week we said goodbye to the Magills and hello to the Bodells.  I love the Magills so much and let them know several times that I plan on showing up at their home in Draper, Utah when I come home and having Sister Magill expound doctrinal principles like I had her do for me when I would come in the office while they served here.  I'll also expect cookies.  We now have a deal.  She also needs to save me a First Edition of the book that she wrote, for me.  They didn't think I was serious....little did they know....well they'll see in a year and a half or something like that. 
But now we have the Bodells.  They are so great.  Elder and Sister Bodell are from Sandy, Utah and are great friends with President Rasband of the 70.  I might have already written about that actually, but it's cool.  He actually was his Home teacher for the last 12 years or something like that.  Elder Rasband told Elder Bodell that our Mission is one of about 20 Missions of the 340 in the Church that the Brethren refer to as "Green Beret" Missions.  I'll get prideful explaining what that I'll just leave it at that.  Thanks for the pat on the back Elder Rasband...through Elder Bodell.  Sister Bodell is great too.  Shre reminds me of my Mom in a lot of ways.  Especially like how when I leave the Mission Office she reminds me to "Remember who you are and what you represent..."  She said it EXACTLY how Mom used to.  Made me smile real bit.  Love ya Mom. 
Well those are a few of the tides that have turned in my life lately.  Also I bought a great's made of badger.  I tried to take a really awkward picture like would have ended up on Myspace like 5 years ago...I'll make sure to email it home. Ha ha.  Elder Bush got one that matches.  I think that means that we have to serve together in the Winter.  I'll tell President Pratt about that worries. 
Have a great week.  I send a special shout out to Family Camp and my BOYS FROM CEDAR BADGE!  I love those Red Berets.  Make sure someone sings the "Ballad" for me, and I expect a full report of how things go.  I'm praying for you.
Elder Sam Fife

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