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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Swine Flu?

Its crazy how long days feel, but how soon another week rolls around. Time is a really funny thing sometimes.  This week has been pretty fun.  With so many people in so little space you make some good friends.  The three weeks that I've been in the MTC feels like my whole life, but at the same time it feels like yesterday that I was
dropped off here.

I hear that swine flu is getting worse everywhere.  Has BYU-I had to close school yet?  Its been a little bit of a problem here too I suppose.  But I'm on immune system boosting pills now because a missionary in my district, Elder Field, was put in isolation a few days ago.  The pills are pretty expensive so not many people get them,
but because I spend about 12 hours a day with Elder Field I was put in the "high risk" category and given a 10 day supply.  Its a good time.

Elder Field actually came out of isolation today.  He only had to stay for 3 days, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Everything's fine, no reason to worry.  Don't stop praying for me really helps.

Last night we had a little district Family Home Evening together at the end of the day.  Since Haloween is coming around we carved jack-o-lanterns out of boxes that we had laying around, and paper sacks from breakfast.  It was a good time, we'll have to come up with some fun ways to celebrate the holiday later this week too.  If you
have any creative ideas I'd love to hear them!

I appreciate those who write me and take the time to tell me how their life is.  Its always so great to hear from the outside world.  Special thanks to the Mcclatcheys this week for the package they sent.  It was superb.

I'm starting to speak more and more Russian.  The older group of Russian speaking missionaries are now only allowed to speak in Russian, so its kind of fun to try to communicate with them.  I usually understand about 80-90% of what they say to each other.  Its really neat to hear another language and actually understand what
they're saying.  There are a few native Russians and Ukrainians here. I have been able to have a few, brief, conversations with them in Russian its really cool.  Yeah, I speak Russian...with Russians.  It's pretty cool.

Sunday Elder Kildew and I taught a lesson to our district.  It was a little intimidating that that was the meeting that our Branch President decided to visit us for, he is a really remarkable man.  He is a grandson of LeGrand Richards, and you can tell it just by talking to him.  But during our lesson he would only consent to make one
comment, and even it was brief, because he was too interested in what we had to say instead.  That isn't how he usually is.  We've never seen him that way actually.  Usually you can count on President Callister to take up from 25-50% of the time that you have together, but he wouldn't even though we asked him.  Its great how the Lord
blesses us when we need it and helps us to teach by the Spirit.

I'm so thankful for the blessings that I've been given.  Each day I realize a little bit more just how well I've been taken care of and prepared throughout my life.  I'm more and more grateful for the roommates that I had back at BYU-I and the great friends from SSE and Scouts.  Cedar Badge really is incredible.  This week's devotional,
given by a General Authority of the Church, was about Vision, Goals, and Planning....sound familiar?

Life is so great!  I hope you are all doing well.  My heart goes out to you, and to the people of Russia who I will soon walk amongst and be able to teach.

I love you all,
Elder Sam Fife

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