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Saturday, October 10, 2009

1st Letter

Dear Family, (but especially Mom)
     Things are great in the MTC! My companion is Elder /Ti/ Dew, he's from Yorktown, Virginia.  We're just having a good time and we're really excited to start really learning Russian and getting ready to teach with the spiit in anoter language.  Our zone leaders Elder Miller and Elder Nielsen (who I think are going to the Moscow mission) have really expressed their goal to be a perfectly obedient zone, even though some of the other groups on our floor aren't the best.  My teachers are Brother Anderson and Brother Fisher.  They both go to BYU.
    My estimated departure date for the MTC to Vladivostok is the 17th of December. So I'll be there in plenty of time for the holidays.  The other Elders in my district are going to Novosibirsk and don't leave until the 28th.  I'll just have to work that much harder I guess!
   I love you all and pray for you.

Я Теба люблю
Старейшина Fife

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