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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 3, 2011

I've always known that you can find what you look for in just about anything, but I guess the Lord has decided that it's time for me to really get it.  Life is so much more what we make of it than what happens to it.  Last Monday evening I remember walking with my companion, he wasn't really talking to me at the time, probably was upset with me about something or another, I don't really remember.  As we walked "contacting" (there was no one anywhere on the streets) I felt so alone, so miserable.  The more I focused on my misery, the more miserable it grew.  That's what Satan does to us every time.  I'd been praying to find an answer, what could I do differently?  How could I make my life a joy?  We continued walking, and it was as though a light turned on inside of me.  Inspiration hit.  I learned all that I needed to know back in scouting!  (Of course I'd say that, right?)  But it's true.  I remembered the stages of development, that we teach about at Cedar Badge.  Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.  I realized that I had been dealing with my companion as if he was storming as a missionary, when in actuality he is good at doing missionary things.  He could be better, but I'd say norming for sure, and in his mind he's probably performing.  No wonder when I tried to apply the leadership styles for norming there was friction, conflicts, and upset feelings.  Yeah, he might be storming in emotional health or relationships, but that is totally understandable based on what little history I know.  I just need to remember EDGE and apply it correctly.  Thanks Cedar Badge!  Hope everything went well the last few weeks. 

That said, it's still not exactly a cake walk.  (I always loved those at Ward activities.)  I still feel sometimes like I'm walking on nails, but I understand better now what the Lord expects of me, and how I can go and do the things that He's commanded me to do for this six week period of time.  Maybe there will be no monumental effect on anyone else, but I can see miraculous changes taking place in me as I hold my chin up and face the challenges that come my way.  Everything will be ok. 

We have a new investigator this week.  Elder Hatch met him a few weeks before the transfer ended, and I was there when we met him on the street a different time and gave him a Book of Mormon.  We met him by a lake on Friday, Elder Hatch and I.  (He came for a visit before we left for Zone Conference.)  We just kind of taught according to his needs, with the goal of helping him make the decision to be baptised.  Towards the end of our talk we extended a baptismal commitment, and he accepted!  He came to church Sunday and stayed all three hours.  He said he enjoyed it even though it was a really crazy week, since we had just moved to our new building.  The Church is going to bring so much joy into his life.  He has a rough time getting along with his family, and isn't always very confident in himself.  Now he'll learn what families are for and will prepare to become a valiant servant of the Lord.  I love how living the gospel changes us so much.  It's the only way to come to understand the Savior.  You can't learn from books the things that the Lord needs ingrained in you, or written upon your heart.  That's another small testimony of just how true our Church is. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers, and for the wonderful strength that I receive from them.  I sometimes feel as though I am carried by angels.  I know that God knows each of us, our individual concerns and situations, and is ready to help us overcome any obstacle.  He always has our best interests at heart. 

I'm also really thankful today for the freedoms that we have.  We're not doing much to celebrate the 4th of July, but I have had songs like "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "God Bless America" stuck in my head all day.  May He truly bless our great nation with peace and lasting freedom.  I love you all!  Eat a tasty burger and some watermelon for me! 

Elder Fife

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