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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WORD from the East...the far far east

Well I decided to make some time to write this week.  We're on our way to the airport now to fly to Seoul, and we're very excited to spend some time at the Temple and see some of the other missionaries who we haven't been close to for a while. 
Well our old lady friends have come to the rescue, that was a friendship worth starting.  Last week we got the memo that all the water in the city was going to be shut of for 3 days.  That might sound a little ridiculous...shutting off all water in a city of 800,000 people...but I guess it isn't that uncommon here.  Well our water storage stayed at our old apartment when we moved out...we were a little lazy and didn't think it through all the way I guess.  It's a good thing we have great neighbors who love us!  One of our babushkii was warning us about the water issue, and when we mentioned that we don't have any storage she was appalled and showed up at our door no more than 10 minutes later with a bag of water bottles and pickle jars.  It was really cute that she was trying to take care of us like that.  The water never actually got turned off...which confused me again, but we are all set and ready to go for the next time that it does.  Thanks Babushka!
So my life was made a little bit crazier a few days ago.  President Pratt called to tell me about transfers last week and let me know that I was still going to be in the same area, but that I'd be getting a new companion; Elder Stuart, who has been in Russia for 2 transfers now and has just left his trainer.  Here I thought of myself as the new guy still, and now I'm a senior companion and have a really large portion of the responsibility for the work in one of the biggest areas of the Mission.  It's a fun new challenge and Elder Stuart and I are trying out a lot of the ideas that have been on my mind for the last few weeks in order to work more effectively and streamline the work that we do.  It will be a good experiment. 
The work is moving forward and we have some great investigators in our area right now.  One of them invited his wife to start meeting with us because he says he has a testimony that it's true.  He's read probably all of 1st Nephi now on top of the other chapters we recommend to him.  His wife seems to be just as great of an investigator as he is.  She wants them to come to church together, but he works on Sundays most of the time.  Also she is studying art and painting in a University right now and she said that we have very good paintings in our Church.  (Her husband said that she thinks the JW's have lame artwork.) 
Thanks for your prayers and your support.  I know that the Lord blesses me in increased abundance because of the prayers that are offered to Him in my behalf.  Thanks for the strength.  Well I'd better go so that I don't miss my bus to the airport (like I did last time...oops.)
Elder Fife

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