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Sunday, October 10, 2010

And I think t Myself What a Wonderful World (I heard that song the other day and it made me really happy!)

Tatiana's baptism was great on Saturday.  She is going to be such an incredible member of the Church.  I really was blessed to see the miracles that we saw as she learned and accepted the Restored Gospel.  I'm really not sure what to write about...this week went really fast and was mostly filled with preparations for the baptism.  I sent a lot of pictures home this week, and those should say about a thousand words I figure that I wrote a pretty long letter this week already. 
There are lady bugs everywhere!!  I can't even explain this crazy phenomenon...but on Friday I started noticing lady bugs...and on Sunday there were hundreds of them flying around the Church.  I guess that lady bugs migrate or something, and that for about a week every fall they stay in Ussurisk.  The name lady bug is a really weird one to translate...but the translation from Russian is even better.  In Russia they are called "little godly cows."  Weird huh?  So there are hundreds of these little godly cows flying around, it's awesome.  But they aren't really out as much today, because it got cold again.  Yesterday was really warm. 
There has been a lot of really cool lessons that I've learned lately.  Most of all I've learned about charity.  I don't think I ever really understood before what it feels like to give unconditional love.  It's sometimes really hard, but the more you care about someone the easier it is to forgive them when they do those little things that everyone does.  As we work on developing Christlike attributes it has become really obvious to me how closely connected they all are.  Sometimes in order to learn how to forgive you really need to develop more charity.  If we developed the kind of love that the Savior has then it would be easy to forget the things that others had done wrong, and "remember them no more."  Christ is our example for literally every thing that we need in life.  If there is anything that is not going right for us, we might take a step back and ask "what am I doing differently than what the Savior would have done?" or "what qualities of the Lord have I grown weaker on lately?"
Well my time to write home is about done today, they're about to take their lunch break again.  I hope everything is going great for all of you who read my little thoughts and stories each week.  Have a great one!  (Maybe even 2!)  :)
Elder Sam Fife

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