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Sunday, September 12, 2010

From Elder Fife

I don't know how it is possible to be outsmarted by mosquitoes...but I seem to have gotten very good at it.  Somehow they keep getting into my apartment, and since I am sleeping on the top bunk of our bunk beds, and because my blood is very tasty...they don't let me sleep.  Wednesday I bought an electric fly the electrical tennis racquet is awesome!  Well, it is ok.  So some people sleep with teddy bears or something like that...not Elder Fife...I sleep with an electric bug zapper.  the problem is that the mosquitoes are smarter than I am.  They buzz around my ears and do sneak attacks on the rest of me, then when I go for the racquet they are gone!  I haven't slept well in days.  I just wake up and feel like I should go to bed again...ha ha.  I am going to buy some RAID deal that you plug into the outlet to kill all bugs in the air.  It's really not that bad...but I get all kinds of frustrated that I'm dumber than a bug the size of a popcorn that lives off of others' blood.  Oh well, I'll beat them!  :D 
Well other than fighting little bugs, things are picking up slowly in our area.  We have a few investigators and are finding more here and there.  I really love my companion.  He is a really unique guy though.  Like this morning when he sat and ate cold, plain, boiled buckwheat from a pot.  Just unique.  Ha ha.  Never a dull moment in my life. 
Well actually the post office I am writing at is closing for lunch....funny how that works sorry for the really short letter, but oh well.  Have a great week!  :D
Elder Fife

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