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Monday, May 10, 2010

Just a Short Message

Once upon a time there was a mother who's son went to see to become a sailor. It was the only dream and desire of his life, he had grown up at home with his single mother who wished he would stay. His career did not last long as he was lost at sea, never to return. After years of mourning and grief the mother decided to do her best to erase the memory and pain, so she began to take down all the things from the walls of her home that reminded her of her lost son. As she began to look at her walls she realized what she had done wrong. On each wall were pictures of the sea, of distant places, and of ships. She then understood from whence her son's dreams of the sea began.

This brief story was shared with us by Elder Schwitzer of the 1st Quorum of the 70, a leading body of our Church. He came to do a tour of our mission this week and addressed us many times. He is a member of the Europe East Area Presidency which leads the work of the Church in the nations of eastern Europe. His point was this. Teaching happens in the home, much more than we even realize. He taught members here that there are three great places to teach in the home. Here they are.

1. The refrigerator door. (Your husbands and teenage sons will see the things you put there several times each day)
2. The dinner table. (When you make great food it automatically gives you a half hour of great teaching time together) President Schwitzer mentioned that this is the reason Sister Beck from the Relief Society General Presidency wants women in the Church to improve their cooking skills.
3. The walls of your home. As we walk past pictures, sayings, photographs, or awards in our homes each day we subliminally add those things to our lives. They often turn into our hobbies, goals, and priorities. They create an atmosphere and a standard of acceptance.

President Schwitzer told a story from his own life, when his dad was a bishop and he was still in his teens. His dad received a large poster with a student kneeling in prayer in front of a desk filled with text books with the inscription "Add prayer." He said that it effected his life and changed who he is. Be mindful of the decorations in your homes. There's the word of wisdom from Elder Fife for the week.

I also remember seeing great things written on the walls of the homes of those I home taught as a youth. I committed to memory the sayings from the Smith's home. "Two who walk as one in love, with God to lead the way, find life becomes more precious, each and every day." We remember the examples we're given. A special thanks to the Smiths. I send them my love.

This week was a great holiday in Russia. They celebrated the end of World War 2. For the celebration a United States Navy ship came to join. It's been really fun having Americans around, and being able to help them with my ability to speak and understand a little bit of Russian. It's a good time and the work is moving forward.

I don't have much time left to write today, so that simple message will have to do. I hope you have a great week and that the Lord's Spirit may be with you.

With love,
Elder Fife

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